Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Network Protocols and Their Functions


Whenever a person want to talk with another person then their communicating language should be same so that they can easily communicate with each other .If they will use different languages then they can not understand what the other is saying. Similarly in Computer Networks certain rules are defined so that computers can communicate with one another.These Pre defined rules are called Protocols and can be defined as "Protocols are the predefined rules between the communicating devices that govern the communication between them."

Functions Of Protocols

i)  Sequencing of Data:- Protocols split large size messages to equal size pieces called Packets which can be transmitted easily.each packet contains unique identification number and can be easily arranged at receiver end to create original message.

ii) Flow Control of Data:-This is another important function of protocols.if sender is sending continuously data and receiver is not in a condition to receive that data or having less receiving speed then their are the chances of data loss.This data loss is avoided by the use of Protocols.

iii)Formatting of Data:-This is the function of Protocols to decide that how data will reach to receiver and which path will be followed by the do so many control signal and error recovery signals are sent along with the packets and a pre Defined format packet is sent.

iv)Error Control:-This is the Function of protocols to ensure that data recieved by the reciever is same as sent by the sender and if any error occurs then how data will be retrieved .

v) Creation of Transmission Rules:- Protocols play an important role where multiple nodes share common is the responsibility of Protocols to decide who will be the next sender when first finishes the transmission.

vi)Data Security:-This is the responsibility of Protocols to ensure security of data so that it can't be hacked or deleted or updated by any unauthorized person.Data encryption and decryption techniques are used to do so.which technique will be used that is decided by the protocols. 

vii)Management of Connections:- Protocols decides when to start or end connection and how to start or end connection . 

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