Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Functions of Operating System

1) Process Management: - Operating System allocates resources to Processes, enable processes to share and exchange information, protect the resources of each process from other processes and enable synchronization among processes. Deadlock avoidance and recovery is also function of Operating System.

2) Input / Output Management:-Assignment of various input and output devices to one or more programs is done by the operating system.

3) Memory Management: - Allocation of main memory and secondary memory to the system programs as well as user data is done by the Operating System.

4) File Management:-How files will be transferred from one device to another and how they will be saved or accessed is managed by the Operating System

5) Determine and maintain order of Jobs: - It is the Responsibility of the Operating System to decide that jobs will be completed in which order. It decides that first preference should be given to which request and which can be delayed.

6) Auto Job Transition: - Operating System is Responsible for the Automatic transition from one job to another as directed by the special control statements.

7) Coordination: - It is the responsibility of Operating System to coordinate and assign compilers, assemblers, utility programs and other software to various users of computer system.

8) Data Security: - Operating System is responsible for the data security and maintains different programs and data in such a way that they do not interfere with each other. Operating system also protects itself from being destroyed by any user.

9) Production of Error Detection and Debugging aids: - Operating System is responsible for the productions of dumps, error messages and error debugging and error detection aids.

10) Log Generation: - Operating System is Responsible for the maintenance of internal time clock and log of system usage for all users.

11) Easy Communication: - Most important function of Operating System is to provide easy communication between Computer Hardware and the User.

12) Interpretation of Commands and instructions

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